Matchbox Girls


This book was not at all what I expected. Fairies, Angels, Demons, Mortals, all in conflict over twin girls for reasons none of them are certain.
I liked this book because I get tired of the same stereotypical archetypal roles – angels are good, demons are bad, faeries are mischievous. This book really turned all of those on their heads. Each of the characters is motivated differently and good and evil depends on where you stand in terms of your motivation. How WONDERFUL to see in a book that good characters can do “bad” things to meet their goals and advance their purpose!
I am usually not one who likes ambiguity in a book – I like to read fast and have things spelled out for me, but I was very comfortable with the unknown in Matchbox girls. It created enough mystery to keep me interested without being so deep as to irritate me. (I’m such a shallow reader!!!)
I loved that there were strong female characters – MANY of them, and I look forward to the next book in this series.
I think this book is worth a second read, there’s a LOT of detail and a LOT subtlties between the relationships that would bear another (deeper) look. I’m usually not one for reading a book a second time but I would absolutely read this one again without hesitation.

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