One Perfect Day

one perfect day



How is it possible that I read two of the worst books ever back to back?
This is NOT a book about one perfect day. There was no perfect day.
One mother loses a son and the family chose to donate his organs, but the mother is not at peace with this choice or the loss of her son and is totally and completely depressed and “out-of it” for the duration of the tale. Her husband and daughter suffer in the background – at the physical loss of a brother and son and the emotional loss of a mother and wife.
Another mother is parent to a daughter awaiting an organ – who receives one when it was completely unexpected. Though her daughter receives the organ, the mother has great difficulty “transitioning” from the mother of a terminally ill child, to the mother of a healthy and living child.
Somehow into the mess of all this there is a sappy love story woven in. To me the love story is completely out of place and random – and I have no idea who has the perfect day.

I would give this story one star

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