Riddle In Stone


Riddle in Stone (The Riddle in Stone, #1)

I just finished the book Riddle in Stone by Robert Evert. I absolutely loved the book and I highly recommend it.This is Evert’s first novel and I would love for the second to be published – so get out there and buy this one so we can follow along in the next adventure of Edmund! Edmund is one of my favorite hero’s. A librarian who has lived his whole live in a small town, dreaming of doing greater things “one day” is confronted with the harsh reality of his life outside the tavern. He is taken for granted by the community for the services he provides but no-one expects anything more from him – EVER. In a bit of an over reaction to this news, he makes some rash decisions. He leaves the community and walks headlong into an adventure he did not expect.
It is REFRESHING to read a story about someone who makes mistakes, didn’t listen to his parents growing up and  lacks skills as a result, and encounters disappointments in his journey. Edmund uses the skills he has and what he DOES know to overcome the obstacles he faces. One of the things I like the MOST about this story is the “reality” aspect. I find sometimes with fantasy novels that the fantasy aspect can be carried away and the stories are one remarkable feat of accomplishment after another. That is not the case in this story and I love it!!

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One Response to Riddle In Stone

  1. robertevert says:

    Wow!! Thanks! You really hit on a few things that I was trying to do…especially the reality of it all. When I told my agent the ending (which hadn’t been written at that time) she literally gasped and said “That’s exactly what would happen in real life. People will be able to relate.” Thankfully, it seems she’s right!!

    Thanks again for the wonderful review! I appreciate it!

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